The Three Gems of Patagonia

Collon Cura River

One of our favorite fishing destinations

We will take you on daily float trips in comfortable drift boats or rafts on the Collon Cura River, stopping to wade at pools and riffles. This river is the most “guide-friendly” river since it offers numerous and diverse fishing options and can be fished both from the boat and by wading in the countless channels and pools. In the Collon Cura evening hatches are great and sometimes the fish even become selective and force us to match the hatches. Not only can one catch many fish but one can also expect to catch a monster brown, at any time.

Malleo River

The truly complete river

The Malleo is a big spring creek. It flows out of Lake Tromen as a very small free-stone mountain stream. Once it hits the beautiful Malleo Valley the river starts receiving spring water from numerous tributary creeks including the Huaca Mamuil, the Mamuil Malal, the Tres Picos, and several others .  This unique feature makes for a river with consistent water temperature and conditions; hence underwater life is rich and varied, from profuse insect life to countless terrestrials and “pancora” crabs; all this makes for a unique population of sizable and healthy browns and rainbows.

Traful River

It has the magical feeling of ‘the river of the spirits

The Traful River runs through a breathtaking valley of incredible wind-and-water sculpted rock spires, minarets, and chimneys, strikingly unique views of the crystal clear Lake Traful with the backdrop of the white-capped Andes and lush forests. The Traful is not a long river in miles but it has a lake on each end. That makes for the possibility of catching big fish anytime, this being its strongest feature. The Traful River receives runs of big brown and rainbow trout as well as of landlocked Atlantic salmon.

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