Corrientes · Argentina

Paraná River

The lodge is perfectly located on a hill overlooking the upper Parana River.
Secluded and private the lodge is the perfect choice for individuals or groups of anglers in search of large Dorado.

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Corrientes - Argentina

The Upper Parana River

This section of the Parana River is located in the extreme northern part of Corrientes Province in NE Argentina. It is the tailwater of the Yacyreta Hydroelectric Dam that is located approximately 90 mile upstream. Known for its clear waters this stretch of the river is an ideal environment for fly fishing. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most stable and predictable Dorado fisheries in South America.

Fly Fishing

We use skiff style boats (17 foot length) equipped with 90hp four stroke motors plusu bow mounted electric trolling motors. The fishing takes place in branches of the main river and along the banks of islands. Structure such as fallen trees, rock outcroppings and cut banks generally are ideal feeding locations for a natural hunter like the Dorado.

The mythical Dorado (Salminus Maxillosus)

Is clearly the main target in this fishery. We are primarily targeting Dorado that range in size from 4 to 30 pounds. However, each season several fish in excess of 40 pounds are landed.

Omnivo Rous Species

Pacu, are often referred to as the “permit of the river”. Like Pirapita they are also omnivorous and are often found feeding on fruit and insects near the surface. Pacu are not known for their jumping ability but pound for pound are extremely hard fighting.
Both species can offer great sight fishing possibilities.
Pirapita, locally referred to as the “salmon of the river”, ranges in size from 2 to 12 pounds. Once hooked, this extremely hard fighting fish is known for its acrobatic displays and multiple jumps. Being an omnivorous species, they are fished using large attractor flies that imitate insects, fruit, mice and even flowers. We target them
on lighter equipment, 6 and 7 weight rods. Fishing for pirapita can provide the perfect mid-day break from casting large flies to Dorado.


The lodge

The lodge is a traditional “estancia” located on the banks of the upper Paraná River. Offering the perfect balance between wilderness and comfort, five well-appointed airconditioned rooms can accommodate up to 10 anglers. Our professional chef, will delight you with a blend of local flavors and international cuisine. The boats are docked just a few steps from your room and a short ride to the fishing action. This provides for a quick and easy return to the comforts of the lodge for lunch and a siesta between the morning and afternoon fishing sessions.

The Rooms

Five well-appointed rooms accommodate can up to 10 anglers, each with a comfortable private bathroom. We can provide single rooms upon request and subject to availability. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

Our gastronomy

A native of the small town of Puerto Rzepecki, Orlando has been a part of the team since the dream began. With years of experience he delights our guests with his culinary creations that combine traditions of Corrientes Province with the best of international cuisine. The farmlands located in Corrientes Province provide many of the natural ingredients that are used in our menus. We favor a farm to table approach with respect to vegetables, fruits and locally produced meats. Discovering the local areas flavors becomes another part of the overall Itati Lodge experience.