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Patagonia Outfitters

Fly Fishing in Patagonia. A mythical destination with true stories of giant trout, virtually no pressure on the rivers, incredible landscapes, friendly people and, of course, some of the finest fly fishing in the world for browns and rainbows.

Patagonia Outfitters, led by fly fishing legend Jorge Trucco, has pioneered and perfected the guided trout experience in Argentina from scratch running world class customized fishing programs for well over four decades now. That was 1978 when we were the first to bring fishermen from abroad to experience Patagonia fly fishing. Since then, our goal has been to improve and refine the Patagonia fly fishing experience in order to make sure our clients will truly experience the trip of their dreams. Guests who have joined us for more than 20 years, including many celebrities, speak for the quality of our program.

From the very beginning we have been at the forefront of outfitting in this superb fly fishing region. We offer the finest English speaking guides, incredible lodges, service, equipment and, most importantly, access to the finest rivers in the region. Through rigorous scouting we open up new virgin fisheries that provide our clients with unique experiences on the river. So we are not just one lodge: we manage the finest lodges in Patagonia in 4 different watersheds, Tierra del Fuego included, in a territory covering over 10,000 square miles.

Having access to the best stretches of the best rivers in Patagonia, we can put you on the finest dry fly fishery with easy wading, float you down secluded stretches of some of Argentina’s greatest waters, or just hunt big trout if that’s your focus. We will customize your trip whether it’s 4 days or 2 weeks, whether you are a hard core angler or if you are traveling with your family and want to combine exciting trout fishing with great non fishing activities.

Come join for the experience

of a lifetime…

an experience that will bring you back again to join on the river

and at the lodge for many years to come.


A native of Argentina, Jorge pursued his passion at a young age even before fly fishing became fashionable as a recreational opportunity. He grew up with the other legends guiding some of the most famous including Lefty Kreh, Mel Kreiger, Art Lee, Billy Pate, to name just a few. Serving as their guide was a profession but secondary to the deep personal relationships formed with each. These friendships evolved into a “mutual admiration” society elevating Jorge’s status to the industry leader throughout North and South America.

Jorge Trucco

Founder - Co-owner

“I worked many years for a corporation which was definitely not my thing, but there is one key thing that I learned from that, which is what it means to work as a team. I am extremely passionate about organizing fishing and outdoor operations and programs but what I love the most is to provide the most outstanding service, always looking for differentiation from the rest. I must say I really fell in love with fly-fishing but rather than the trophy itself, what I like the most is fishing with my son or with friends. In the stillness of the pandemic, I have found a hobby: Welding. When I am welding, my mind frees itself from everything and it is in those moments that I come up with the best ideas.”

Joaquin Lynch


“I feel truly fortunate that I work in a field where every day I can live my passion – a constant connection with the outdoors in my beloved Argentina. Patagonia Outfitters has provided me the opportunity to channel this passion by creating amazing programs to visit this beautiful country. I even had the opportunity to live in San Martin de los Andes where we have our office in Patagonia. I almost feel an obligation to share this immense and diverse country with others. It brings great personal satisfaction to receive new and old groups at Patagonia Outfitters. My passion, experience in travel, ability to listen closely to the needs of each client and my belief that it is all in the details has been the formula for what I feel has been my accomplishment.”

Ines Philip

BA Office Manager

“I am so thankful to have been born, raised, and to live in this special part of the world, Patagonia. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of fishing and the outdoors, so, basically, today I am a fishing guide since 1998 (At present Head Guide of Patagonia Outfitters). I am also a ski lover who turned his passion into a job. I have been a ski instructor here and in Austria and Italy for many years. My goal has always been to create lifelong memories by sharing my passion and love for the river with all our visitors. Teaching is what I do. For me, seeing the excitement on the faces of those who fish with me when they are reeling them in brings me so much joy, especially when I’m with those who don’t know much about how to fish in the first place! Just love the opportunity to share my passion for fly fishing with others!”

Nestor Zuñiga

PO Head Guide

An excellent fly tyer who loves sharing his knowledge of local waterways. Fly fishing is his passion. Gustavo is also known as a friendly and patient guide that cherishes each opportunity to be on the water sharing his passion with others. He thinks like a fish, he makes people catch fish, he’s got that touch.

Gustavo Mezza


Nando is a Patagonia native and has worked in fly fishing since a young age. He was born into this, grew up with it, and lives for it. His personal passion for fly fishing is matched with a deep appreciation for his role as a guide, enjoys helping people enhance their angling skills which he is so good about. Guests love him.

Hernando Fernández Beschtedt


No matter what happens he will never lose his sense of humor “I’ll never lose my feeling for the outdoors or my love for fishing. … I feel fortunate that I have been able to turn that passion into my livelihood and what I love the most is sharing it with others”

Diego Gonzalez del Solar


Pato Jakab first joined Patagonia Outfitters in the early '90s. Pato is an essential part of our success and the reason why Patagonia Outfitters has run like clockwork since then. He is actually the reason why everything always works: vehicles, boats, tackle, equipment, maintenance, transfers, you name it. He is on top of all logistics and operations. During the low season, when he is not working with us, he does truck transfers (freight and removals). Pato's attention to detail is unparalleled.

Pato Jakab

Logistics and Operations

Michael is one of fly fishing’s most experienced and respected professionals. For more than two decades, he has helped anglers with their international adventures. He has seen it all, and fished nearly everywhere! Give him a call and you’ll understand why we are lucky to have him on the team

Michael Caranci

Guest Services