Patagonia Outfitters International Program

Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon, Snook, Jacks, Barracudas, Ladyfish and Snapper all the season.

Dorados, (Dolphin Fish), Sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo, from May to July.

Great Tarpons (100/200 pound) migrate in July – August.

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Fishing activities at Punta Allen Fishing Club are open from November to Agust. Fly fishing and spinning. 


We use 23-25 ft. pangas.The pangas are specially outfitted for flats fishing and are very stable in the shallow water. They have a wide casting area on the flat bow, and a poling platform at the back for sighting fish. Each boat is powered with a 40-60 hp engine, comfortable seats, rod holders, and coolers. All the boats are equipped with radio, first aid, life jackets and tagging tackles (tagging programs for grand slam fish). 


We recommend you bring all your own tackle and flies. Crazy Charlies in pink, white, cream or brown are effective for Bonefish and white, beige or tan Rag Head, McCrab or Del Brown type crab imitations are effective for Permit, as is the Clouser Minnow.

Permit Flies

  • When purchasing the McCrab, make sure that the deer hair is clipped very close to the hook shank giving you a wide hook gap, and that the underside of the fly is weighted properly. If this pattern is tied incorrectly, it will go belly up when it hits the water or when you start to strip it.
  • The Del Brown should be tied in light tan and cream only.
  • Enrico Puglisi crab tied in pale yellow, white, sand and tan color is the best choice.
  • Mantis Shrimp Patterns have been found to be extremely effective for Permit in recent years. While successful in shallow water situations, these are perhaps even more useful on deeper flats, 4 – 6 foot deep where traditional crab techniques become difficult. Fished with foot long strips in front of cruising fish, we’ve seen Permit come up and chase these patterns, taking them just beneath the surface.

Rain is always a possibility in the tropics and the weather can change quickly during the day. A lightweight waterproof jacket is advisable. Please note: many outdoor specialists do not recommend Gore-Tex around salt water.

In addition to a set of rain gear, we recommend you carry a water resistant or splash-proof bag to carry extra clothing and your peronal items (e.g cameras, glasses, etc) on the boat each day.


Breakfast is served at 7.00 AM. each day. The normal fishing day begins at about 8:00 AM and we return around 4:00 PM.

Anglers are provided with a packed picnic lunch (bottles of water and sodas are included). If you have any special requests, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Travel time in the boat from the Lodge to the first of the best fishing spot and flats is around 10 minutes. This includes the reef. Other spots further afield including the other side of Ascension Bay (e.g. Boca Paila lagoon) a little longer.

Welcome to our natural paradise!

Punta Allen