Entre Ríos · Argentina

Uruguay River

An authentic Golden Dorado fly fishing experience. Only 3 hours drive from Buenos Aires.

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Entre Ríos - Argentina

From Santa Cándida you can fish for golden dorado on the Uruguay River (Santa Cándida Palace is located on the banks of the Uruguay River. The river is the actual border between the countries of Argentina and Uruguay). Unlike the Paraná River, the Uruguay River features clear water, and this is a plus if you are going to try for golden dorado on flies or lures. The stretch around Santa Cándida is 100 miles below Salto Grande Dam, which makes the river become a very fertile tail-water fishery populated by sizable golden dorado. The Uruguay River flows through breathtaking landscape surrounded by profuse vegetation. It is a meandering river with many channels, most of which are beautiful and productive. Golden dorado fishing on the Uruguay River makes for an attractive combination with the high volume dove program we run at Santa Cándida.

Our guides know every stretch of the river, every channel, every pool. Trips are full day including drinks and a hefty shore-side lunch. Exciting golden dorado fishing on the Uruguay River can be combined with hi volume dove shooting. This, together with the proximity to Buenos Aires makes for Santa Cándida Palace a unique sporting destination.


Guests staying at our new lodge, Santa Candida Palace, will enjoy unsurpassed high volume dove shooting while enjoying a beautiful Estancia home that is equipped to ensure our guests a world class sporting experience.This French colonial style house with comfortable accommodations for up to 16 guests has 8 double rooms with private bathrooms, living room, dining room, galleria, outdoor dining area. Laundry service and massages are available upon request.